SETTING THE STANDARD CRM® CEO and founder Dr. Barry Takallou, realized the benefits of SBR crumb rubber as an additive for road construction, synthetic turf infill and rubber molded products industries. In 1997, Dr. Takallou formed the first CRM® plant in California.

Capitalizing on his engineering knowledge and economic expertise to produce superior crumb rubber, he helped manufacturers make more cost effective products. In 2002, Dr. Takallou was the first engineer appointed by the Governor of California as Commissioner of California’s Economic Development to serve as a representative of manufacturers.

Today, CRM® is North America’s largest crumb rubber manufacturer, providing our customers with leading edge technology. We specialize in crumb rubber for rubberized asphalt, sports fields and track infill, rubber-molded products, as well as colorized rubber mulch for landscape and playground coverage.

UNMATCHED QUALITY AND DELIVERY CRM® customers benefit from the foundation set by Dr. Takallou and the vast knowledge his team brings to high quality and cost-effective manufacturing techniques. Our ability to supply and deliver to customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico & South America is made possible by our multiple manufacturing facilities conveniently and strategically located throughout North America.

COMMITMENT TO SUPERIOR SERVICES The expert team of CRM® and its longevity in the industry is what sets us apart. We understand the challenges our customers face every day and we are committed to make their products more competitive in the global marketplace, by providing: